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Do you need a reliable translation?
Thanks to many years of experience in the area of professional translations, we are the ideal partner for you; profit from our vast amount of experience, our technical specializations and from our quality-educated translators.  We do not add any extra charges for specialized translations.

Pool of translators
We are able to arrange translations to more than 40 languages with specialization in a range of areas. Native speakers of foreign languages from all over the world are assigned translations between two foreign languages. Our translators are proper members of the Slovak Association of Translators and Interpreters.

We are available nonstop (you can easily contact us by e-mail or telephone), including outside of business hours and we are able to flexibly and pro-actively satisfy your needs. In urgent cases we can deliver translation of short texts within one hour or ASAP.  

In-house check
Every translation is reviewed by our project managers, who compare the original text with its translation and verify the completeness and correctness of the translation. In case that something is not clear, they contact translators/clients and discuss other possibilities with them. If a mistake is found in the original text during translation or revision, the client will be informed so as to avoid any possible complications with handling such an incorrect original document. This service is free of charge and represents the essential part of the work of our project managers. 

Upon request we provide our clients with various types of subsequent proofreading.

If you have any other requests, even the unusual, please let us know and we will try our best to help you. 


We provide official translations in many language combinations as well as between foreign languages. Our sworn translators are registered in the Register of sworn experts, interpreters and translators, administered by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.

Upon mutual agreement we offer our clients the opportunity to pick up original documents and deliver official translations free of charge in the areas close to our branches.

We can also provide notary copies of the documents that must be attached to the sworn translations.


What is localization?

Localization is a specific value added service connected to translations. In relationship to translations the term localization represents consideration for cultural, spiritual and other specifics of the exact country where the translation will be used and their implementation into the translation. The purpose of localization is that the translation sounds naturally and clearly expresses the idea of the original text. Any text translated this way becomes an authentic text.
It is very important to employ native speakers for localizations. For such localization projects we assign only teams of native-speaking translators and proofreaders. The texts go through multiple stylistic revisions and such a professional translation of your documents will ensure that even your foreign partners will not hesitate to choose your professionalism.

Based on the type of source (software programs, manuals and user guides etc.) we create a unique team (project managers, translators, proofreaders, graphics technicians) with all necessary technical skills, experience and technical knowledge that will prepare the best language solution for you. 

During localization we explicitly use CAT tools, which ensure uniformity and the correct use of terminology during translation work.


One of the most effective ways of assuring the required translation quality is the use of CAT tools (computer-assisted translation or computer-aided translation). The aim is the guarantee exact and common terminology, following translations done in the past, shortening the time needed for translation as well as creation and subsequent use of translation memory. The use of CAT tools markedly eliminates the occurrence of use of incorrect words and phrases.

Our company organizes interpreters for various events, such as seminars, conferences, business meetings or lectures. We arrange all types of interpreting for our clients – consecutive, simultaneous and official, not only in Slovakia but also across all of Europe. Upon request we are able to arrange interpreting outside of Europe as well.


This type of interpreting is used at business negotiations, meetings or presentations. The speaker’s speech is interpreted in parts and there is no need for interpreting equipment.


Simultaneous interpreting is recommended for use at official and large-scale events. This service must be used when an event requires interpreting from/to many languages at the same time. Interpreting happens simultaneously with the speaker’s speech and there is need to use interpreting equipment. Two interpreters are needed for this type of interpreting, who alternate with each other after a short period of time. To enable the interpreter to prepare for the event, supporting materials (brochures, flyers, catalogues, PPT presentations and detailed information about the subject of interpreting) should be provided by the client. Our company also provides interpreting equipment(interpreting cabins, microphones, earphones, image transmission, sound system installation etc.) with full service of transport, assembly and operation.


Official interpreting is required at official events, such as driving license exams, weddings and other similar events. This type of interpreting is provided by sworn interpreters, who are registered in the Register of sworn experts, interpreters and translators, administered by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic.

In addition to translations and interpreting we also offer various forms of language lessons. Based on your request we will arrange the exact lesson you need. We offer group lessons as well as individual lessons focusing on conversation, grammar, terminology for certain sectors, exam preparation, teaching directly at your company etc. Our teachers have many years of experience teaching languages. In our database we have contacts of native speakers living in Slovakia. We are also able to arrange lessons abroad as well. Contact us and we will help you achieve your desired language knowledge.


Many our clients use the comfort of our full service; starting with document translation trough graphic processing, printing and delivery of final products. Put all your worries regarding communication, explanation, searching for the most appropriate offer, submitting samples as well as negotiation of terms and conditions in our hands. We offer these services all-in-one so you are freed from difficult and complicated processes that need much time to get trough.

If you need any other related services not specified in our offer, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to arrange them.